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1.2 Setting Up: Weight Training

You wouldn’t go straight to the 50kg weight in the gym without building up your strength - so why would you in business. Its great to have ambition but its easy to get carried away and get hurt! So of course Y&V have created a simple ‘to do or not to do’ table about becoming a freelancer. Is this lifestyle for you? Could you manage the financial strain of going solo?   Read more

1.1 Setting Up: Is this for you?

Welcome to The Young & Viral. We are the collaborators of those ‘all-important’ experiences of the wondrous successes to the not so fortunate fails of being your own boss. Trust us, we’ve been there done it and got the T-shirt. Our aim is not to convince you or to scare you off becoming a freelancer - but we simply want to help you along with one of the biggest decisions you will ever take in your career. Read more

On Set Today!

Our Project Manager, Rory, is on set today with one of our clients for the filming of a product launch. Watch this space!   Read more

Freelancing – Doing the books

You are up and trading after reading “Freelancing - is it for me?” and "Freelancing – Setting Up" and the money has started to come in but remember you'll have to pay tax on this money at some point so don't go spending it all at once! In this blog, we give you some tips on accounting and book keeping. Read more

Freelancing – Setting Up

After reading “Freelancing - is it for me?”, you have decided on the new, exciting and challenging career path that is freelancing. So, where do you start? We highlight some key areas to focus on as you kick of your career as your own boss. Read more

Freelancing – is it for me?

Freelancing is not for everyone. There are risks. However, with risk comes reward. This is one of the many reasons that working as a freelancer is appealing, and thus increasing in popularity. So is freelancing for you? Read more
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