Our community of freelancers shapes who The Young & Viral are and that's why we are committed to helping our freelancers grow; by providing them with constant stream of work, a platform to showcase work and a community to engage, interact and work with.

But that is not all, we also have a host of extra benefits for our freelancers and the more our freelancers get involved with The Young & Viral the more they'll benefits they'll unlock, for instance:


  • As well as paying our freelancers for each project, we share a proportion of our profits amongst our community - think of it as a bonus. The more involved and the more projects our freelancers complete determines the share our freelancers receive.


  • We go beyond an online freelance community and host informal socials as well as useful workshops. We want to get to know you and the aim is to have a community of like minded individuals who enjoy working on projects together but also enjoy socialising.


  • We have experts who are part of our community ranging from accountants to lawyers who can assist and help you grow your business. They will also be seen posting interesting and relevant articles on our blog or via our freelancers newsletter.

Free Services

  • As you become more involved with Y&V, you'll begin unlocking some of the free benefits through the rewards program such as business cards, free web hosting and email and even a corporate company credit card.

Rewards Program

In order for our freelancers to feel valued for the work they do for and for engaging with the community, we have creative a rewards program which determines the bonus and benefits they are rewarded. Here's what you need to know about :

  1. You earn Y&V Points by being part of projects
  2. The number you earn depends on the value of the project you work on — in general, you'll earn more for higher revenue projects
  3. You'll earn double points for recommending new clients and work to the Young & Viral
  4. If you recommend a freelancer to the community who is accepted, we'll mirror the number of points for the first project into your account
  5. Points will also be awarded for engaging with the community, for instance uploading your work, writing a blog post, sending a tweet etc.
  6. As you earn more points and move up the tiers, you'll be reward with more of the bonus pool and also be entitled to extra benefits

The Young & Viral is more than just a sales channel; it is a community and family of like-minded freelancers who all want to create amazing work, earn money and have fun whilst doing so. Our rewards program is simply designed to enhance this experience and really reward those who embrace the Young & Viral ethos.