2nd Jan 2018
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1.2 Setting Up: Weight Training

You wouldn’t go straight to the 50kg weight in the gym without building up your strength - so why would you in business. Its great to have ambition but its easy to get carried away and get hurt! So of course Y&V have created a simple ‘to do or not to do’ table about becoming a freelancer. Is this lifestyle for you? Could you manage the financial strain of going solo?  Read more

1.1 Setting Up: Is this for you?

Welcome to The Young & Viral. We are the collaborators of those ‘all-important’ experiences of the wondrous successes to the not so fortunate fails of being your own boss. Trust us, we’ve been there done it and got the T-shirt. Our aim is not to convince you or to scare you off becoming a freelancer - but we simply want to help you along with one of the biggest decisions you will ever take in your career.Read more

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