21st May 2015
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Georgiana B. is a writer & business consultant with a passion for travel (travel writing and photography included) and a flair for online businesses. 


Blog Posts

The Power Of Outsourcing

Find out the power of outsouring, what it can do for your company and how to hire freelancers with The Young & Viral, to save both time and money.Read more

How To Incorporate A LTD Company

Find out how to incorporate a LTD company and mistakes to avoid Read more

Working With Freelancers - Pros & Cons

Working with freelancers is the hottest trend in the recruitment industry. Find out how this outsourcing model could work for your business.Read more

Self Employed Vs A LTD Company

The Young and Viral Freelancer Code - Chapter 1 - Incorporating. To incorporate or not incorporate? What is better for freelancing, self-employed or LTD? Read on to find out.   Read more

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