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17th Dec 2014
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I'm Matt, a hard-working and enthusiastic creative designer. I love to learn and develop, both as a designer and as a person, and I'm always looking for new skills to acquire and new technologies to figure out. I don't always follow a specific design 'style' - instead, I create designs with specific client's goals and their users in mind. I am dedicated to my work and always take a pride in what I am doing, enjoying the challenge of coming up with new ideas to improve upon, or change, current ways of thinking.

I graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology. As well as improving my design-related skills, working in industry has taught me the importance of being able to build close working relationships and the need to have good communication with co-workers, clients and consumers. I am a positive, determined person and work well either setting my own targets or working in groups and I work well under pressure.


Blog Posts

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Freelancer of the Month - January 2015

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The Power of Collaboration

The Young & Viral believe in collaboration, in fact it’s in our DNA. We see collaboration as an obvious way of getting things done, and as a driver of creativity. Read more

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